For marketing teams that require reliable campaign fulfillment capabilities, Inapak is your hands-on fulfillment services partner.
We pride ourselves on understanding and anticipating your toughest consumer marketing challenges.
We take the initiative to create and consistently deliver custom end-to-end
marketing operations management solutions that protect the integrity of your company,
your brands, your campaigns and your reputation.

We are fulfillment specialists with a unique difference:
we work with you to ensure it’s always a fulfilling experience.



Inapak’s Oakville, Ontario facility is located in close proximity to both air and ground transportation hubs and houses both our production and logistics operations. It features 55,000 sq. ft. of on-site warehousing and production space, serviced through 5 shipping and receiving bays.


We also have a dedicated Inapak warehouse facility in Surrey, British Columbia with over 20,000 sq. ft. of on-site warehousing and production space.


technologyInapak’s integrated webstore solution and IT warehouse management technology ensures we deliver valuable management information to our clients’ desktops. With our web-based solution, our team can efficiently manage projects, process customer orders and provide customers on-line access to real-time information and materials.


Recycled_materialOur boxes are made from 90% recycled fibre and are purchased from responsible suppliers. We also do not promote or use any packaging materials known to harm the environment. In fact, Inapak was one of the first companies in Canada to utilize air pillows made with 50% less resin than competitive inflatable void-fill products. Our air pillows contain an additive that accelerates microbial biodegradation, dramatically increasing recyclability.


These high standards in sustainability don’t just pertain to packing materials:

  • All our furniture and cabinets are second use and have been re-purposed for the office
  • Our warehouse isles are dark until energy efficient, motion- sensitive lights are triggered by the movement of machinery or workers
  • Our forklifts and heavy machinery are electric, eliminating carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions to the work environment and atmosphere
  • Our steel warehouse racking is recycled steel made from old cars


We are likewise highly committed to our local community, regularly taking part in supporting local charities and community initiatives.